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This is for the rest of us, the majority, that can’t just walk up to that knockout, be witty and clever, and walk away with her number. Today on the Shy Man's Dating School Podcast Series, I speak with Art of Charm's founder and all round extraordinaire, Jordan Harbinger.

A former finance attorney turned dating and social coach, he captains the Art of Charm podcast and interviews...

Your crew wants to hang somewhere that doesn’t reek of mildew and has decent Wi-Fi. Much like you ache to have them discover your boyfriend’s heart of gold, they’re banking on you coming to your senses and realizing he’s an asshole. Shy Guy, at some point your pals will accept that maintaining a relationship with you means sucking it up and taking a trip to the secret garden of his soul.

In the meantime, perhaps you can convince this guy to lay out a welcome mat or something.

but I kind of doubt it because that movie looked long). Wanting to invite him to a work function, but also knowing he'll probably be known as "That weird guy you're dating who never talked to anyone" if you do. Your co-workers won't even really "meet" your boyfriend until he's had a few shots and someone brings up .

If you can find a way to make those things happen though, oh, will he be loved. Knowing there are certain conversation topics that are off limits because if you brought them up, he'd freak out and combust into a pile of nerves.

Because otherwise you're just sitting there wondering if he's enjoying this or if he's half-asleep and just waiting for you to be done so you can cuddle. Being slightly terrified when he releases his secretly kind-of-kinky side. When he’s out with my friends he comes off as cold and disinterested, and as a result, they’re reluctant to hang out when they know he will be there.He’s really very sweet and it saddens me that they can’t see that. ” Joe Schaefer This question doesn’t seem to add up.Convincing your parents he does in fact have a personality even though he's never said anything more than "Thanks" to them.24/7 we’re sending signals of attraction to the opposite sex.We cover everything from the neuroscience of anxiety and lust, to honing your communication and socializing skills. Find more at: Today on Session's with Steven brought to you by the Shy Man's Dating, I speak to Colin Pomeroy about auditing yours and his life!