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Keene is today a center for insurance, education and tourism. New England manufacturing declined in the 20th century, however, particularly during the Great Depression.

Settled about 1764, Alstead would be one of the towns that wavered in its allegiance after the Revolutionary War. An example is the Keene Public Library, which occupies a Second Empire mansion built about 1869 by manufacturer Henry Colony. The city nevertheless retains a considerable inventory of fine Victorian architecture from its flush mill town era.The village was fortified by Fort William and Mary.Strategically located for trade between upstream industries and mercantile interests abroad, the port prospered. Keene became a manufacturing center for wooden-ware, pails, chairs, sashes, shutters, doors, pottery, glass, soap, woolen textiles, shoes, saddles, mowing machines, carriages and sleighs. Keene was incorporated as a city in 1874, and by 1880 had a population of 6,784.