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The body depends on chemical interactions to produce an erection.Testosterone powers the sex drive, while nitric oxide stimulates the penis for an erection.Fapping is a new term in the internet porn community. The control group orgasmed from having sex, and the brain lit up completely different, healthy pathways. And when the study compared brain scans of the compulsive porn users (everyday users) and the control group (where did they even find these guys?! The brain scan showed that during orgasm the porn users brains lit up the same pathways that the brains of drug addicts lit up when they shot up.

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All that really matters is that for each story you write, you chose one form and stick with it. (I’m pretty sure I’m paraphrasing Einstein or Aristotle or Mac Arthur with that statement, but I can’t be bothered to look it up right now). As long as you don’t switch back and forth between different forms, readers won’t much care which one you use if the story is otherwise turning them on. Also, as long as we’re on the subject, keep in mind that cum itself has discrete components.

In a study done at Cambridge University (For a synopsis you can understand go here), it was observed that the brain reacts to porn in the it reacts to drugs when you’re addicted to them.

You’re more than likely beating your meat to the latest Amy Reid cum shot compilation.)Here’s a fun fact: Porn affects your brain in the exact same way an addictive drug does.

Well for starters, porn doesn’t affect your brain like sex. Let me explain…(For this section, I’m going to assume that when you’re fapping you’re not doing so to the sensual feel of your hand while cultivating energy for multi-orgasmic practices.

The last major finding in this study was that 50% of the subjects (average age 25) had difficulty achieving an erection with partners, yet they had no issues achieving erections with porn. If you have no trouble with erections when jerking off, and then you finally bring a hot girl home, and you can’t get a boner – then you can stop reading this and head to our program for quitting porn right now. But if you’re still unsure, or interested in learning why you react this way to fapping and porn, then read on.